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The Storage Section is an administrative support unit at TUT that is responsible for the management of the university’s fixed assets, including land, the construction and management of improvements on land, building management and asset/property management (covering relevant machinery, transportation and miscellaneous items).


Presently, the Storage Section consists of a section chief and a staff to handle tasks including the formulation of TUT’s asset management procedures and establishment of TUT’s internal control systems; routine tasks such as the inspection, addition, change, disposal and transfer of assets; conducting annual asset inventories and non-scheduled inspections; compiling various monthly and annual asset statements and data inquiry for various assets/items belonging to each unit.


All campus assets have already been registered in TUT’s management systems in order to ensure effective asset management, improved productivity and better asset control. In order to ensure effective recycling and reuse of disposed assets, the Section has requested the Network and Information Center to construct a platform for resource recycling.


TUT has also set up its spatial management system that contains relevant data on professional and ordinary classrooms on campus. The Storage Section is responsible for the compilation and submission of relevant data.

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